It is an obligation of importers set in Article 59, section III of the Customs Law, to deliver to the General Administration of Customs the document that proves the authorization of the customs agent (s) to carry out their operations.

It is the way in which the SAT is advised which Customs Agents can make dispatches in the name of the Importer, and once this notice is made, the Customs Agent can transmit to the SAAI (Integral Customs Automatization System) the name and RFC of the importer.

The Entrust Letter is made by individuals and corporations who are registered and active in the Padrón de Importadores. It has to be attached  on MI PORTAL of the SAT website, using your FIEL or password. Once the Entrust Letter is submitted by the Importer, the Customs Agents must accept or reject it in the aforementioned portal using the FIEL or password.

As long as the acceptance of such order is not performed, the Customs Agent will not be able to carry out operations in the SAAI. The maximum allowed number of patents registered for individuals is 10 and 30 for moral persons. The Entrust Letter is made to the patent and not to any specific customs for which you intend to dispatch.

If the Entrust Letter has already been accepted, the Importer may make dispatches by any of the Customs of Admission to which the Customs Agent is authorized.

For example:

A client with a current Entrust Letter for Patent 3399, A.A: Ma. Lourdes González can make dispatches for any of its Customs of assignment, which are: (800) Colombia, NL; (240) Nuevo Laredo, Tam; (520) Monterrey, NL; (070) Cd Juarez, CHIH.

To consult the Assignment Customs of each of the UNI-TRADE GROUP Patents, please review the attached. If you wish to consult Entrust Letters authorized for any Patent other than the one your Client usually uses, Customer Service may help you.